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The Challenge
The scale of Scope 3 data

Your Scope 3 data is held in your Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing and Operational systems. It may span multiple systems for large and complex companies, but for any large organisation it can run to millions of lines of product and service data.

It is impossible to try to make sense of this using spreadsheets, which is why Scope 3 has been endlessly ‘kicked down the road’ in organisation's plans, as they have had no tools to help them analyse and understand their Scope 3 emissions.

The solution
CO2Analytics AI

AI based solution

Our artificial intelligence solution is ground-breaking, it can consume all of these different data sets and quickly provide a single clean and categorised view of everything that the organisation is buying with a carbon footprint at product and services level for all identifiable products and services.


You can also see how well you compare in our anonymous benchmark to other organisations. The analysis covers all 3 Scopes so it provides a useful cross check for your progress in Scope 1 and 2 as well as showing all of the Scope 3 data.


This output is presented to you in an excel workbook which makes it easy to navigate the data as well as export it and ‘slice and dice’ it for sharing across the organisation. Once you have the output and baseline you can start taking action based on meaningful information.