Offset your emissions in UK forests with native trees

We have access to a Forestry Commission site in Hampshire where there is currently capacity to plant up to 30,000 trees. Species include;

Sessile Oak, English Oak, Chestnut, Cherry and Maple.

Planting native trees is good for the environment and for sustainability. Oak in particular is one of the most bio-diverse trees in existence supporting over 280 different species of insects.

Trees are highly efficient in sequestering carbon emissions. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood. Planting a mix of native broad leaf species helps to preserve the UK’s environment and biodiversity and the mix may increase the amount of carbon sequestered and bring many co-benefits, including providing habitats for a larger range of animals.

A recent study in China looking at the carbon storage of forests found that each additional tree species introduced to a plantation could add 6% to its total carbon stocks.

The UK is falling very short of it’s target to plant trees despite this being one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon and improve the environment.

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