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An Academically Rigorous Approach

The solution was developed as part of a series of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with Reading University and Goldsmiths University cybernetics departments. A team of thirteen academics were involved and three PhD’s, one Msc and a Professorship were awarded for the work which won global awards for innovation.

The solution uses artificial intelligence to identify, classify and analyse large product and service data sets quickly and accurately. From this a carbon footprint can be attributed at product level giving a high level of confidence in the results of the carbon foot printing exercise. For individual products the ability to drill down into the product attributes and components means that companies can measure the carbon footprint of individual products and services and work to reduce these.

The solution was tested with a number of organisations, the largest of which was NHS England’s Sustainable Development Unit which used the solution to calculate the Scope 3 Supply Chain carbon footprint for the NHS in England.

Following further development to commercialise and refine the technology, it is available to all organisations wishing to understand their carbon footprint and take action to reduce it.

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